Nathan's Birth [3.09MB]   Pretty gross actually

Nathan's 2nd Day  [1.55MB]   A sweet Nathan the day after

Nathan and Laura Playing [8.7MB]  March 2004

Singing to Nathan [6.2MB]   We are not American Idol contenders.

Nathan-n-Dad, Chillin [9.2MB]   Nate and I enjoying some Don Henley

Nathan and Friends [29MB]   Nathan's video of his favorite song

The Pulse [40MB]   Nathan's pulsating head freaking Dan out

Sweet Potato Pie [22MB]   Nathan's first food from a jar

Nathan Bounce [24MB]  Nathan bouncing to the Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce

Bathtub Chair [23MB]  Nathan enjoying his new sit-n-tub chair

Pain Train [8MB]  Nathan laughing at me hitting him with a balloon.

Airplane [9.3MB]   Teaching Nathan some airplane basics

Newcastle Nathan [3.6MB]   A quick shot of Nathan trying to stand.

Peek-A-Boo [27MB]   Nathan playing - and Peek-A-BOO!

Nathan Speaks! [9.9MB]   Nathan blabbering about all sorts of important stuff.

Nathan-&-Boyd [30MB]   Nathan really enjoying Boyd chase the laser.

Nathan's New Walker [31 MB]   Self explanatory

Nathan Walks [9MB]   His first REAL steps into the unknown!

Nathan's 1st Haircut [15.3MB]   He looks real cute now - plus a bonus at the end.

Nathan Boogie Time [17.8MB]   Nathan getting down - James Brown Style

Nathan Visits Santa [10.1MB]    Nathan tells Santa he wants a Tractor!

Nathan's Pedal Power [10.7MB]   Nathan showing off his bike.

Sizzler Fun [12MB]